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Making sure to eat right is not always easy, especially when fast/convenient food is everywhere. Who wants to make a homemade meal from scratch when you can buy a  frozen one? This was how I felt before I realized the damage I was doing to my body by not paying attention to what I was eating. A year ago my eating habits were horrible, I ate out twice a day and home-cooked meals consisted of frozen pizzas, chicken strips, and french fries. A healthy diet is an important part of weight loss and more importantly your overall health. By changing my eating habits I am now happier and healthier than I have been in years. Here are some tips on what to lookout for at the grocery store:

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Pinbook App: Pin Photos from Facebook

I’ve recently started to use Pinterest and just like everyone else before me I am hooked. I love that I am able to take everything that interests me online and have it beautifully stored and organized on my Pinterest boards.  The only issue that I have with Pinterest is that it does not allow me to pin from Facebook. After trying unsuccessfully and looking up some tutorials on the matter, I stumbled upon an application that makes the whole process a lot easier. Pinbook App, a new chrome extension, makes pinning from Facebook a breeze. Once you have downloaded the application, you will see that all pictures on your Facebook page now have pins beside them, allowing you to post them effortlessly to your boards. This app is now one of my faves! I definitely recommend this app for all you pinners out there. Happy Pinning Everyone!! 

Pinterest lies: DIY disasters

Two years ago when I moved out of my parents house I purchased almost all my furniture from Ikea. I was happy with it, it looked modern and served its purpose well. Unfortunately, although I still love Ikea, most of my furniture has fallen apart (That’s what you get when you buy a $24 coffee table). I recently moved and decided it was time for a new coffee table. I mulled over my options … more Ikea furniture? Vintage Furniture? DIY? I decided that DIY was the way to go… regretfully.  

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